Tech & Analytics Chief of Staff

London, England, United Kingdom · Tech & Analytics


We are currently looking for a Tech & Analytics Chief of Staff, helping us to bring our Tech & Analytics department to the next level.

We’re a team of programmers and data analysts who love to do exactly that. Writing code, building systems and solving technical problems are things that the majority of us enjoy, but it means that sometimes other important projects or tasks get lost. Responsibility for all those other aspects of T&A is where you will fit in.

You will take charge of fixing or improving all the things in T&A to make the working lives of our programmers or analysts more productive.

You will report to the CTO and co-founder and work closely with all the tech team leaders

While the CTO maintains his responsibilities for architectural/coding decisions, you will be in charge of (amongst other tasks):

  1. Improving leadership in the T&A team, acting as a coach to our engineering managers and ensuring that the team has the support they need to grow,
  2. Launching and leading tech initiatives (like internal/external Hackathons, open-source initiatives, …) to maintain a high tech culture,
  3. Improving our recruitment processes, making the candidate experience even better and the whole process more fair (reduce candidate bias) and efficient
  4. Increase tech brand visibility, so that iwoca’s fame continues to grow in the tech scene and that we attract the best talent,
  5. Creating urgency and processes to improve our internal documentation and ensure it’s kept at the standard we agree that it should be. In particular improving the internal processes, developer guides, career progression frameworks, …
  6. Observing other things that we need to improve and coming with a roadmap with priorities,
  7. Enforcing data security policies, to be sure that we continue to be in compliance with regulations.


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